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  • Heugathalm
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Strenuous but rewarding tour through the entire Grossarl Valley. Tasty alpine snacks and breathtaking summit experiences await you.
Distance 77.6 km
36:00 h
5,479 m
5,407 m
2,453 m
867 m
Day 1: From the center of Grossarl we head to the Heugathalm. Here you have the first opportunity to stop at an alpine pasture. A tasty snack and a cosy sun terrace await you. Continue to the Gerstreitalm, your first stage destination. After a cosy evening in the hut, you will move into your beds for the first night.

Day 2: You will be woken up by the ringing of the alpine cows' bells. After a hearty breakfast, you make your way uphill to the Röschenbergalm, which is, however, not managed. Across beautiful alpine meadows you reach the Saukaralm. This mountain hut is the highest in Grossarltal. The view from here is simply unique. After a refreshment, you continue across alpine meadows, the so-called Spatkar, via the Spatalm and the Kleinwildalm (both not managed) to the Grosswildalm. Here you will again be pampered with delicacies from our own production. Via an alpine path you first go downhill a little, then uphill again to the Karseggalm, the oldest hut in Grossarltal. At around 400 years old, this is a particularly rustic hut. There is neither electricity nor water, but there is an open fireplace where a Grossarl speciality, kneaded cheese, is still smoked according to old recipes. Of course, there are also delicacies from the farm's own production. Continue on to the Unterwandalm, where you will spend your second night. The herdsman often takes up his accordion here - so nothing stands in the way of a convivial evening in the hut....

Day 3: Freshly strengthened, you continue the next morning. First you have to follow the forest path for a while. You will pass the Muggenfeldalm (closed) and the Maurachalm. At the Maurachalm you will be spoilt with delicacies from their own farm. The Maurachalm is the most northerly alpine pasture in Grossarltal and is especially known for its exquisite schnapps (Vogelbeer or Holler). The alpine dairymen often sing and play music here. Ascent via the Auhofalm (not managed) to the Kitzstein (Gabel). From here you have a wonderful view of the Salzachtal as well as the Hochkönig, the Tennen and Hagen mountains on one side and the Hohe Tauern on the other. Along the mountain ridge you continue to the Penkkopf and the Gründegg. The descent is to the Ellmaualm, where beds are already waiting for the tired hikers. Strengthened by a tasty snack, you can enjoy the sunset at the Ellmaualm....

Day 4: The next day you follow the Salzburg Almenweg to the Weissalm and Loosbühelalm quite comfortably. The Loosbühelalm was rebuilt in 2010 after a devastating fire. The Loosbühelalm ("Klausalm") is a special insider tip for friends of goat's milk and goat's cheese. Here, in addition to the traditional snack with homemade delicacies (not only goat's milk, also products from cow's milk), there are also warm dishes. Via the "Fleischgraben" the trail finally leads to the Filzmoosalm. The hut is situated in an untouched natural landscape.

Day 5: After a good night's sleep, we head up to the Filzmoossattel. Directly at the saddle is a particularly beautifully designed gentian, the symbol of the Salzburger Almenweg. A short detour to Filzmooshöhe and Filzmooshörndl is well worth it. Continue on to the Draugsteintörl. From here you already have a beautiful view of the Tappenkarsee, the largest mountain lake in the Eastern Alps. According to legend, the Tappenkarsee is connected underground with the Schuhflickersee. A wagon wheel that fell into the Tappenkarsee is said to have been found there. Leisurely descent to the Tappenkarseehütte. This Alpine Club hut is located directly at the Tappenkarsee. Warm delicacies such as Kaiserschmarrn or Heidelbeerschmarrn also await you here.

Day 6: A sunrise at the Tappenkarsee. How can a day begin more beautifully? Continue on to the Wasserfallscharte and the Nebelkarscharte. The high trail takes you to the Murtörl. The Mur (river) rises just below this saddle. It is often very windy here, it can happen that you walk everywhere with short sleeves and that on the Murtörl, however, an icy cold wind blows. Attention: You will not come to any huts the whole way. Please take enough drinks and food with you. Through a huge cirque you finally come to the two Kreealm huts, the Kreealm-Bichlhütte and the Kreealm-Kreehütte. Here you will be spoilt with delicacies from their own production. At the lower hut, the Kreehütte, you will move into your bed for the last night.

Day 7: The next morning you will take a leisurely walk downhill. Immediately after the Kreehütte, you will pass a chapel. Now you have to decide whether to hike down into the valley via the hiking trail or the forest path. Once you have reached the bottom, you can take refreshments at the inn Talwirt or at the Hüttschlager Bauernladenstüberl. Continue on a somewhat steeper alpine path to the Modereggalm, here you will spend the seventh night.

Day 8: Ascent to the Hühnerkarscharte and from here the trail then leads to the Hühnerkaralm. You have reached your destination for this day. The alpine dairymaids serve all hungry hikers a snack with homemade delicacies such as bread, butter, bacon, sausage and cheese. Of course, a glass of homemade schnapps is not to be missed - so nothing stands in the way of a cosy evening in the hut.

Day 9: After breakfast in the alpine pasture, the hike continues. The path leads a little steeper downhill to the Hub-Grundalm. Here you will also be spoilt with specialities. The Hubalm area is one of the most wildlife-rich areas in our valley. It can happen that you come across a stag or a deer during a hike and especially in autumn you can hear the deer rutting (=tubing) here. Now the trail goes uphill again to the Vorderkaseralm. Here again there is the opportunity to be spoiled by the alpine dairymen with delicious products. The hiking trail takes you past the Hinterkaseralm, but it is not managed. Head uphill to the Rosskarkopfscharte. A narrow path takes you to the Reitalm, the last alpine pasture on this 10-day tour.

Day 10: The descent is on the forest road past a large dam wall to the center of Hüttschlag. From here you can take the bus, car or hiking taxi back to Grossarl.

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Highest point
2,453 m
Lowest point
867 m
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Track types

Asphalt 4.65%Dirt road 20.47%Forested/wild trail 12.74%Path 61.98%Road 0.13%
3.6 km
Dirt road
15.9 km
Forested/wild trail
9.9 km
48.1 km
0.1 km
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Rest stops

Heugathalm, 1.235 m
Gerstreitalm, 1.575 m
Saukaralm, 1.850 m
Großwildalm, 1.778 m
Karseggalm, 1.603 m
Unterwandalm, 1.600 m
Maurachalm, 1.620 m
Ellmaualm, 1.795 m
Weißalm, 1.723 m
Filzmoosalm, 1.710 m
Tappenkarseealm, 1.768 m
Kreealm-Bichlhütte, 1.570 m
Kreealm-Kreehütte, 1.483 m
Modereggalm, 1.720 m
Hühnerkaralm, 1.700 m
Hub-Grundalm, 1.311 m
Vorderkaseralm, 1.719 m
Reitalm, 1.600 m

Safety information

During the 6th day you don't pass a mountain hut until you arrive the Kreealmen. Please take enough food and beverages with you.

You have to make your reservation for the mountain huts by yourself. Please do this in advance!


valley center Grossarl (883 m)
47.239864, 13.199602
47°14'23.5"N 13°11'58.6"E
33T 363739 5233392


valley center Hüttschlag

Turn-by-turn directions

Day 1: Start at the center of Grossarl (parking at the ENI petrol station). Hike along trail no. 66 to Heugathalm, 1,235 m (approx. 1 h), continue to Gerstreitalm, 1,575 m no. 66 (approx. 1 h). Total walking time: approx. 2 h.

Day 2: Ascent to the Saukaralm, 1,850 m via trail no. 65A, then 65 (approx. 1 h). Hike along trail no. 64, then 63 to the Grosswildalm, 1,778 m (approx. 2 h). Hike to the Karseggalm, 1,603 m via trail no. 70 (approx. 1 ½ h). Hike to Unterwandalm, 1,600 m via trail no. 70 (approx. ½ h). Total walking time: approx. 5 h.

Day 3: Hike via the Rothofalm to the Maurachalm, 1,620 m via trail no. 70, then 71 (approx. 1 h). Ascent on trail no. 712, 72 to the Kitzstein (Gabel), 2,037 m (approx. 1 ¼ h). Ascent to Penkkopf, 2,011 m via trail no. 72, then 67 (approx. 1 ¼ h). Hike to Gründegg, 2,168 m via trail no. 67 (approx. 1 h). Descent to Ellmaualm, 1,794 m via trail no. 64, then 62 (approx. 1 h). Total walking time: approx. 5 ½ h.

Day 4: Hike along trail no. 63 to the Weissalm, 1,723 m (approx. ½ h). Ascent to the ridge, no. 61 (approx. 1 h). Hike towards Filzmoossattel, 2,062 m along trail no. 64 (approx. 2 ½ h). Descent to Filzmoosalm, 1,710 m along trail no. 57, 720 (approx. 1 ¼ h). Total walking time: approx. 5 ¼ h.

Day 5: Ascent to Filzmooshörndl, 2,189 m via trail no. 57, 720 then 57A (approx. 1 ½ h). Descent to Stangersattel, 2,060 m (approx. ½ h). Hike to Filzmoossattel, 2,062 m via trail no. 64 (approx. 1 h). Hike to the Draugsteintörl, 2,072 m via trail no. 54A, then 54 (approx. 1 h). Descent on trail no. 702A to the Tappenkarseealm, 1,768 m (approx. 1 h). Hike to the Tappenkarseehütte, 1,820 m (approx. ½ h). Total walking time: approx. 5 ½ h.

Day 6: Hike along the long-distance trail no. 702 via the Nebelkarscharte to the Murtörl (2,260 m, approx. 5 ½ h). Descent to the Kreealm-Bichlhütte, 1,570 m and to the Kreealm-Kreehütte, 1,483 m via trail no. 724, 51 (approx. 1 ¾ h). Total walking time: approx. 7 ¼ h.

Day 7: Descent to inn Talwirt on trail no. 724, 51 (approx. 1 ¼ h). Ascent on trail no. 50 to the Modereggalm, 1,720 m (approx. 2 h). Total walking time: approx. 3 ¼ h.

Day 8: Ascent on trail no. 50, then 47 to the Hühnerkarscharte, 2,048 m (approx. 2 h). Ascent to the Spielkogel, 2,144 m (approx. ¾ h). Descent to the Hühnerkarscharte (approx. ¾ h). Descent to Hühnerkaralm, 1,700 m via trail no. 46 (approx. 1 h). Total walking time: approx. 4 ½ h.

Day 9: Descent along trail no. 46 to the Hub-Grundalm, 1,311 m (approx. 1 h). Ascent to the Vorderkaseralm, 1,719 m No. 45A (approx. 1 h). Ascent to the Rosskarkopfscharte, 2,164 m via trail no. 45 (approx. 1 h). Descent on trail no. 44 to the Reitalm, 1,600 m (approx. 1 h). Total walking time: approx. 4 h.

Day 10: Descent on trail no. 44 to the center of Hüttschlag (approx. 2 ½ h). Travel by post bus back to Grossarl to the starting point of the tour.

By road

Travel by car or post bus line no. 540 to the centre of Grossarl.


Viehhauser petrol station in Grossarl (Eni petrol station)


47.239864, 13.199602
47°14'23.5"N 13°11'58.6"E
33T 363739 5233392
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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hiking boots with grip sole, fruits, beverages (bottles which you can refill), rain clothes, toiletries, warm clothes, clothes for changing, torch, hiking map, sun cream, chocolate...

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77.6 km
36:00 h
5,479 m
5,407 m
Highest point
2,453 m
Lowest point
867 m
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